Access Control Solutions to Secure Your Business


How Do Access Control Systems Work

Access control systems help manage your business’s physical security by ensuring that only authorized person are allowed to enter and exit designated areas.

Identification systems where users can validate information is customized to restrict access to designated areas, protecting people, information and assets. This allows better managerial control by coordinated use of employee time and attendance solutions.

America's Finest Security provides a wide selection of business access control products including:

  • Entry and exit devices
  • Control panels
  • ID solutions
  • Locks
  • Time and attendance solutions

ID Solution System

Access Control Systems

Identify who is attempting to enter facility controlled areas before they pass the front door. Designated staff are notified in the event of emergency. Protective access control is maintained even during power outages. Maximize security by coordinating multiple security solutions such as video surveillance and access control.

Co-ordinated Accessories

America's Finest Security Services provides affordable and scalable security. Expand and customize business security solutions beyond access control with add-ons and accessories including cameras and trained security personnel. Americas Finest Security knows that you need the latest in security technology, security products and trained personnel.

Badging Media and Supplies

Security is increasingly important. There is risk when employees, customers, visitors and suppliers enter and exit a place of business each day. Ensure that only authorized person enter your customers' building with advanced access cards and accessories that also makes entry more convenient for authorized individuals.

Control Panels

When it comes to access control panels, security is the number one priority. Our door panels integrate with existing network security measures. Our control panels remove the hassle of managing keyed access for changing employees and allow business owners and managers flexible and fast reaction to changing requirements and accessibility.

Entry/Exit Devices

Proper devices help control building access and is essential for protecting businesses assets, employees, customers and data. These devices include buttons, keypads, entry/exit readers, switches and other accessories to better manage who is allowed to enter your place of businesses.


The best physical security control begins with high-security door locks and die-cast lock sets that easily integrate into your customers' existing access control systems. At Americas Finest Security Corporation, we understand building security. Our experts will help you design a custom building access control systems incorporating the right locks.


Monitoring and managing employee and data movement in and out of a wide variety of business locations and other high-traffic buildings is critical in ensuring security. We offer software solutions designed to easily integrate access control systems, camera surveillance and security personnel.

Time and Attendance Devices

Lost time and excessive labor costs is a huge security problem for American businesses. Tracking employee attendance and tracking employee time on the clock are time-consuming for management staff and prone to data error and manipulation. All-inclusive time management, access control and security solutions are extremely bottom line friendly with benefits far outweighing costs.


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